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Steadfast and Courageous in our Learning Journey


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Tip #1: Don’t stress out about this. Think SIMPLE.

Yes, it may seem daunting that school is out. Don’t get stressed out. Use this time to bond with your kiddos. 

Play board games or card games together.

Write notes or texts back and forth with your child.

Watch an educational YouTube channel together.

Just keep it simple.


Tip #2: Bring back FUN!

With the pressures on kids these days with covid-19 many may be anxious. Make the learning time fun.


Tip #3: Keep it SHORT.

When you’re working with a small number of kids, you don’t need to replicate 7 hours of schoolwork. Just 20 minutes of math or 20 minutes of writing is sufficient. If your child wants to do more, go for it!


Tip #4: Create a quiet spot.

Set up a tent. Create a fort together. Create a cozy spot where your child can work free of distractions. If your child helps you set this up, he/she might be more willing to work in it, too.




Tip #5: Create a routine.

Notice I didn’t say “schedule.” You don’t need to plan every single minute of the day. But a routine helps make the day more predictable. It also sets up expectations for your child. 

For example, require that your child do certain things before they are allowed to get on the screen. Or say, “Screens may come on after lunch only.” Think simple.

Copy of Activities to do at home!.pdf

ANZAC Service 2019

Thank you to everyone  who came and walked with us at the Te Awamutu ANZAC service this year. It was again a humbling and special moment for all involved and it was great to have Paterangi people there to represent our school and show our respect.


Pohutukawa Room Trip to Yarndley's Bush

Our New Entrant class went out on an adventure to day to Yarndley's Bush to further support their learning of trees, leaves and eco-systems. Thanks to all the parents and caregivers who came to support!



Year 7 and 8 Yachting 

Our Year 7 and 8 students had their final sailing session out on Lake Ngaroto. Their confidence and competence have grown remarkably over the term. We may have some future Olympians!! Thank you very much all the parents and caregivers who helped get our kids on the water over the term! We could not have given them this opportunity without you. 



Inter House Netball

Our netball competition is underway! It is awesome to see our senior students supporting our junior students as they play together! 



Lower Waipa Cross Country 

We has an absolutely stunning day for lower Waipa cross country on Friday. 

Well done to all our students and to all the other students from the different schools. 
Lots of mud but lots of smiles too. 
Thank you to our amazing PTA and the few parents that helped them out. You did a fantastic effort. 

Thanks to our awesome staffing team for running a superb day.


Least We Forget  

 Thank you to all our parents and students who came to represent our school at the ANZAC service in Te Awamutu. It was a special occasion for all who attended and I was very proud of Izabella Greer and Sam Waugh for presenting our wreath at the cenotaph on behalf of us all.


Football Festival

Our children had an awesome morning enjoying learning some football skills. 
Thanks to WaiBop Football and the college kids who helped out.Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports, grass, sky, tree, outdoor and nature

 Lower Waipa Swimming

 What an outstanding performance from our students at Lower Waipa Swimming. 

19 students competed and 12 of those made the finals with a few making more than one final. 
Five 1st placings and three 3rds in the finals.  We are absolutely proud of all our students. 

Thank you to Mr Otto and Mrs Morton also to our parents especially Margaret Dixon for stewarding.


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