Paterangi School

Principal's MESSAGE

Welcome to our school

At Paterangi School we put our children at the heart of all we do. At our school we base every decision, every course of action on what will make a difference for the children at our school, it's that simple. We keep the most important thing, the learning and personal development of the children of our school, the most important thing. We don't let the challenges that others put into the "too hard basket" stop us.  

We have found that if we put the needs of our children first, and then ask ourselves how we can meet these needs, nothing is impossible! We value parents, whanau and caregivers being an important part of a child's learning and work very hard to ensure that parents can be involved, by holding an increasing number of school events like swimming sports, school productions, etc out of school hours so parent can attend. We believe that parents want to support the work that the school does. That is why we hold parent education evenings for specific age groups to work with parents so that they know how to help their children at home. We monitor children's progress closely, especially when they start school, so that if a child is not achieving to the expected level, we intervene quickly. We believe that children want to learn in a safe, encouraging, supportive environment. That is why we are very proactive regarding children who struggle to demonstrate our school values. Teachers contact parents at the first sign of trouble, and we have no tolerance for behaviours that detract from a child's learning, or make others feel unsafe.At Paterangi School, we do things with people as our first priority, and that is why I am proud to be principal of such a wonderful environment. Welcome to Paterangi School where we aim for Academic Excellence with Country Values.

Mark Harrop